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This wiki is a working site for collaboration on the Global Virtual Assistants Network project. The GVAN movement is aimed at empowering women through virtual employment. This wiki was created to assist in the collaboration of GVAN partners and participants. This site contains ideas, documentation and research pertaining to the GVAN initiative. Comments, insight and suggestions are always welcome; we encourage participation from anyone interested in supporting the growth of the GVAN initiative.

Please contribute ideas, resources, research or anything else to the site that will help develop GVAN. If you need any assistance please contact Anil Srivastava at moc.liamg|fim.avatsavirs.lina#moc.liamg|fim.avatsavirs.lina or by phone +1 408 306-1119. You may also send private messages between members by linking on the GVAN members tab on the side bar and choosing the member you would like to contact.

GVAN Objective:

To connect women currently constrained by physical or cultural barriers to the market for their skills no matter where that market is located, and also to others like them, other parts of the world, and opportunities for gainful employment and learning.

Current Work:

Currently numerous professionals – experts in finance, organizing, ITC, Virtual Assisting and more – are collaborating on the specifications of GVAN. Currently we are looking for more VAs to join the movement and assist in implementing this global initiative.

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Funding Possibilities and Strategies

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