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Stacy Brice, President and Chief Visionary Officer
Location: Baltimore, MD

Mailing Address:

76 Cranbrook Rd., Suite 192
Cockeysville, MD 21030

PH: 866/829-6757

Hours: 9-5 M-F EST

About AssistU:

"The leader in professional training for Virtual Assistants, our comprehensive and transformative 20-week training program not only supports someone in becoming a Virtual Assistant, but also in the creation of a solid and sustainable business�one that contributes to the VA having a high-quality life. Our abundance-minded, collaborative community makes sure that working at home never has to mean working alone. And though the training stops at the end of 20 weeks, the support we offer doesn't; it continues through the life-cycle of a VA's business with advanced classes, opportunities for world-class coaching from professionally trained business and personal coaches, the highest certification in the industry, access to experts in a variety of topics, special interest groups, a members area full of up-to-date information and a proprietary knowledge base full of resources our VAs find extraordinarily useful in their work, travel-and-learn opportunities, and in-person and virtual community events".

Who AssistU Serves:
1. Those inside the AssistU community
2. The Virtual Assistance profession
3. The Administrative profession
4. Clients of Virtual Assistants, and corporations where Administrative professionals work
5. The global community of which every one of us is a member

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"In our world, relationships are a driving force, so AssistU is always looking for terrific strategic relationships, whether for marketing, joint ventures, collaboration, or even the offering of products or services as benefits to our VAs and their clients. If you have something you'd like to discuss", please email: moc.utsissa|tnediserp#moc.utsissa|tnediserp

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