Americans want to keep jobs in America.

9th October 2008 - Anil SrivastavaAnil Srivastava

I invited a friend, Crystal White, to join the GVAN community and help. She is a right candidate to start a virtual assistant business but she declined. She said '…being in the situation I am and the situation this country is in it is and has been a problem'. She is referring to taking away the jobs offshore which is an integral part of the GVAN idea.

Nancy Hafkin had raised the same issue. How do we ensure that GVAN will not take away the work, and income, from women in America working as virtual assistants, to women offshore. How will we deal with difference in prices where a woman in virtual assistant in Hyderabad might be willing to work for $4 a hour or even lower.

We need to come up with a work arrangement between VAs in America (and other countries of the north) women in south which behave as many virtual small enterprises. Perhaps basing on principles of purchasing power parity they could distribute their profits in a more equitable manner.

We need to ponder on this. It is not a dilemma to me but a challenge for all of us engaged in GVAN.


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