Creating a US GVAN

Andrea and I discussed that it would be useful to make the distinction between US GVAN and Global GVAN so there is more clarity in our discussions.

US GVAN is the initiative that Andrea is talking about starting up in her home state to work with women who either (i) are forced to stay at home due to health reasons and (2) the newly unemployed.

Andrea explained that 99% of VAs in the US work independently. That very few work thru. for lack of a better term. "agencies" I see several potential benefits of "agencies" for women who have had relatively little formal work force experience and neither the time nor the capacity to get out of the house to resolve technical problems, marketing , and even training.

In this case, the value of an "agency" to the potential GAs are as follows:
VA Training and Mentoring
Quality control and back up
Book keeping, contract management,etc

This agency could be set up as (i) a not for profit, (ii) a cooperative or a (iii) for profit or even (iv) as a lose network. We can discuss the pros and cons of each structure. If you want to be seeking donations and grants then I would suggest (i) and (ii) are the best options

While all of the above functions are important, the most difficult resource to find will be a good marketer… a go-getter.

From a cash flow point of view, it may be useful if the agency had at least one or two data entry contracts. These contracts could create needed cashflow to new VAs while they take training to up-grade their skills to provide higher value added services.



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