Creating a Virtual University

12-04-2008 - Andrea OkrentowichAndrea Okrentowich

While reading the Open Learning Company wiki, I began to realize the potential for online learning among VAs. Particularly those in developing countries.
Currently in America there a several virtual training schools, however you must have technology and work experience. It would be beneficial for here in the states as well as abroad for a global virtual school to emerge that would not only train VAs in specific nieches (such as the health care - Budibot) but also in technology how to.

It is my hope that with Open Learning Company, GVAN may be able to create a virutal assistant school which will train and provide resources to VAs worldwide.
More on this to come.

A Few Notes from Anil Srivastava:

GVAN University is a great idea as a virtual school. Let us not get Open Learning Company involved beacuse it will not be an attractive proposition for them at this stage.

We can begin with

* Listing/describing of curriculum and course module and
* Developing a concept note.

If we think of GVAN University as an global open education resources for virtual assistants worldwide so there is a possibility that we can approach William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for an opportunity grant. Hewlett Foundation could be persuaded to look at a grant for GVAN University under opportunity grant because it combining use of OER and creating employment opportunities, empowering women by creating a sustainable business.


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