Genesis of Buddibot

October 24, 2008 - [[*Buddibot]]

Inspiration for Buddibot came about after seeing many elderly experiencing loneliness, lack of companionship and health promotion. Family members being distributed all over the world has become the norm and keeping them together is our goal.
Our team consists of a tech savvy 16 year old who grew up in Silicon Valley (to be precise in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple),
a 39 year old stable socially aware business savvy guy who cares
and a several 60 to 70 year olds who have been through the school of hard knocks. Naturally, they serve us as advisors.

After the team rearranged their own brain wiring through various permutations and combinations as well as playing with various prototypes, observing and talking to many people from all walks of life, they arrived at a model to drawn upon a functional robotic webcam and marry that with browser based software that enables users from any where in the world to remotely provide companionship, provide reminders for any medications that the elderly might need and such activities. We call this service "Buddibot". A user from any where in the world will be able to "virtually walk around the home of the elderly and act as a "virtual live in" if you will. Imagine being able to "walk upto" a eldery person in the morning and be able to wake them up by saying good morning from 10,000 miles away.
Imagine being able to remotely see what is going on and be able to activate local health services all from where ever you are.
Our major investment todate has been brain power. Oh. Yes. There are few dollars involved. The point we are making here is we spent our energy getting Buddibot off the ground and less in making power point presentations, building business models and such. Now, we are rolling Buddibot service from late November. We have a subscription
model of $35 a year for the service. In US market Rovios (the units with which Buddibot software works) will be available by late November from Radio Shack, WallMart, Target and Sears. Amazon and
has started taking orders for late November delivery. In India, we will be distributing rovios via a reputed National retail chain.
What we are proposing is one form of virtual work, the theme of your effort on this wiki.
We would like to suggest that you all think of this as "virtual leisure". ok. What is that?
Think of it as a way you are supporting someone else with their leisure and only think of yourself contributing to it by deriving pleasure and satisfaction. We believe this is something we owe to our elderly. Given we will all get there some day, this is a logical extension of our life style evolution.
We invite you to try and tell us what you think. We are confident that you will extend in ways that we did not anticipate!


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