Should Technology Vendors be Included?

9th October 2008 - Anil SrivastavaAnil Srivastava

At the core of GVAN is information and communication technology (ICT). Should we invite—and include—technology vendors and providers into the GVAN community? There are proprietary technologies (like Microsoft Office) and their open source equivalents (OpenOffice) which are ubiquitous tools for VAs. Different operating systems—Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS, open source Linux exist for computers. Then the computer hardware itself comes in various shapes and sizes and uses different operating systems.

If that was not enough there are many network service providers in any area and there is the question of satellite, wireless or land lines.

All of this makes for a confusing world. Is there a need to create a forum and help VAs to make sufficient sense out of it to be able to take a decision?



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