Conversation Among Members

I have made this page to communicate with members of GVAN. Specifically to discuss the business plan and research elements which were discussed during phone conferences with Denise and Nancy.

Meetings were held between Denise and Andrea on 11-11-08 and Nancy and Andrea 11-12-08. To recap Andrea and Denise discussed the need to focus on implementation and a central location. We also discussed implementing of subcontracting model. We also discussed the fact the NGOs think like social workers and do not think in terms of sustainability. Denise's experience in working with co-ops in India will be an invaluable asset in planning of GVAN.

We discussed that there is funding for venture capitalists.
We also discussed that there is a need for a central location in India where training, purchasing and franchise agremments and subcontracting would take place.
We also discussed that there is a need for a central location in India where training, purchasing and franchise agreements and subcontracting would take place.
Denise and I discussed the subcontractor model. We both agreed that many US VAs would not be willing to share their work with outside VAs unless they were entreprenuers looking to expand or VAs with low-level work that they were looking to pass off. I brought up my idea about starting training in the US with low to moderate income women who are in need of work. By doing this you are starting a new platform of VAs and within that training we would incorporate training and eventual employment with India. Denise was supportive of such an idea.
Denise also explained the circumstances surrounding India's women. The high levels of education and no available jobs. There is also a lack of basic necessities in some villages such as water, electricity and phone. These issues, along with various cultural issues, would impair many women from employment, however if a localized central building was available - this in theory - could resolve this problem.
Denise suggested some next steps:

  • Examine the possiblitity of low income in the US & India's VAs
  • Examine what is being done now in India (ex. BPOs)
  • Answer some questions of concern (Denise will be providing a list of questions next week). Some questions to consider are what are the literacy levels expected in some of these areas in India? What are the expected education levels? In Carala (sp) for example there is a 96% literacy level but it is a communist state.

Denise will be providing a business plan outline as well as some important questions next week. Andrea will be providing research on the VA industry in the US next week. We will either meet or phone conference on Tuesday.

Nancy and I (Andrea) had a similiar conversation. We discussed what the requirments are for VAs such as education and high skill level. Nancy also discusses Caral (sp), the fact that there are a large amount of educated women and no jobs. We also discussed the need for creating a new niche that would help GVAN VAs stand out in the virtual world. We discussed the possibility of pursuing the healthcare niche - such as buddibot. Nancy agrees with me that starting a niche and training programs with woman who are not currently VAs (such as low income in America) would be a better option than pursuing already successful US VAs. We will be discussing these things possibly next week.

It may be a good idea for Andrea, Denise and Nancy to all meet together via phone conference.

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