GDLN Membership

This page serves as a soundboard for the upcoming GDLN membership and the proposals that will be submitted for future GVAN seminars and training sessions.


How to Join

Typically, GDLN affiliates are organizations whose business objectives are aligned with the network’s mandate: to advance knowledge and learning for development. They may be universities, think tanks, government agencies, or private sector institutions.

Member organizations are well equipped with the facilities (classrooms, high speed internet access and two-way videoconferencing facilities) and staff (technicians, instructors) for face-to-face and distance learning approaches.

To join the network, organizations sign a GDLN network agreement with the World Bank. Signing this agreement implies compliance with membership privileges and responsibilities as outlined in the GDLN business policies. Organizations interested in joining the Network may contact GDLN Info.

Draft Letter to GDLN Membership:

I am currently working on a project called the Global Virtual Assistance Network; a project that, once complete, will allow women in developing countries, as well as the United Stated achieve gainful employment. There are currently five active members in GVAN. Our five members have been actively networking with outside organizations in order to build a base in which GVAN can grow. We are interested in joining the GDLN as members so that we may organize future seminars and training programs through GDLN resources.

GVAN is working closely with India to establish communications and technologies to further implement the project. Virtual assisting is an up and coming industry which provides stable employment in a time when unemployment is on the rise. By joining American and Indian (as well as other developing countries) virtual assistants; women can work together to improve their financial situations while improving the economy. Women interested in working in the virtual assistant industry have an array of choices as to what type of business they would like to work in. I am a virtual assistant located in Connecticut; my niche involves providing support in the nonprofit sector. The choices of niches is unlimited; joining GVAN will allow women to build their own businesses with the training, advice and resources provided by GVAN.

The first step in GVANs success is to join the GDLN and work with its many valuable resources. There is a wealth of information on this initiative on the GVAN wiki, which is located at:

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrea Okrentowich

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