GVAN Business Plan

GVAN Business Plan/Strategic Options: Draft Outline

Executive Summary

A. Market Considerations

Virtual Assistance Market:

In the United States: Size, structure, products, drivers, stage of development, players, pricing, profitability, training, recruiting, characteristics of workforce, competitive factors, outlook

In South Asia: Size, structure, products, drivers, stage of development, players, pricing, profitability, training, recruiting, characteristics of work force, competitive factors, outlook,


  • In the USA for the USA market
  • In South Asia for the USA market
  • In South Asia for the South Asia Market


  • Currently in the USA
  • Currently in South Asia
  • Channels/Market Penetration strategies used in other segments

Customer Service and satisfaction/Pricing

The products the GVAN will be able to competitive provide will be a function not only of market demand but also the characteristics of the work force and technology. To a lesser extent geography and country will also have an impact.

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B. GVAN Operations

Characteristics of Target Work Force

It may be useful to start with three sets of data:

1. Major Characteristics of US VA workforce
2. Major Characteristics of Indian BPO workers
3. Data on the Pilot projects/ Demographic info for rural and urban South Asia and Africa

Based on the above, what can we expect the potential work force to look like? We could look at various “segments” of the work force based on the following criteria:

  • Level of Education,
  • Language skills,
  • Willingness -and Ability- to Work out of the home,
  • Hours available (note time differences): unlike BPO working shifts is probably not realistic in many segments

Potential segments could be

  • Indian states with high literacy such as Kerala
  • Slums in urban centers with heavy IT industries
  • Rural Indian states with some literacy
  • Indian tribal areas
  • Bangladesh rural area with BRAC or Grameen
  • Bangladesh Garment Workers
  • Bhutan- Rural educated.
  • Pakistan urban educated but stays at home
  • Pakistan rural educated.
  • Nepal ? Sri Lanka??
  • Rollout options

Organizational Structures:

  • Structures in USA and other markets
  • Structures in Pilot Projects
  • Optional structures for GVAN identified and analysed


  • Recruitment Selection Criteria (experience in USA and in Pilot Projects)
  • Matching Recruitment Criteria to Potential Pool
  • Social and Development Aspects of Recruitment
  • Recruitment Process
  • Recruitment Costs

Training Program

  • Features of US training programs
  • Features of Training programs in Pilot projects
  • Options going forward
  • Matching Training Program to Product and Recruits
  • Decentralized/Centralized

Role of Distance Learning

  • On-going training
  • Roll-0ut Program Options,
  • Training costs

Staffing Levels

  • US firms staffing levels
  • Indian pilots staffing levels

Options for GVAN

  • General Job descriptions
  • Salary scale

Quality Control and Productivity

  • Quality control in USA VAN industry
  • Quality control in Pilot Progress
  • Identify Options and Discuss
  • Standard Productivity Measures for the Sector

C. Technology

  • Technology used by US Firms
  • Technology used by Indian Pilots
  • Identify technology options related for GVAN

D. Legal

  • US Project Legal Structures
  • Pilot Project Legal Structures
  • Identify Options: Cooperative, PPP, Associations, Franchising
  • Discuss Pro-Cons

G. Social and Environmental

  • Identification of Social Objectives/Dsicussions/
  • Strategy for Achieving Objectives
  • Implementation under various structures
  • Community relations and
  • US market job displacement concerns and mitigation
  • Environmental considerations

F. Financials

  • Capital costs
  • Identify Key elements- Perhaps two scenarios
  • Estimate Capital Cost Budget
  • Compare with Pilot Projects and US Capital Budget
  • Operating Costs
  • Identify the major elements
  • Based on pilot comparables estimate operating budget
  • Comparables
  • Financial Plans
  • Identify potential sources of funding for Capital costs
  • Financial Plans Options
  • Pro Forma Cashflows
  • Base Case and Sensitivities
  • Sustainability

G. Evaluation and Monitoring

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