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What material would we need to create a virtual seminar?

- We could use GDLN resources

- Benefits of virtual work

- who would benefit?

- What is virtual assisting?

- Who are potential clients?

- The business model

- Why join GVAN?

- Low income and developing country information

- Statistics of unemployment

Purpose: To create VA seminars in which to present the GVAN concept

Medium: GDLN and Internet2Commons

Seminar can be used on Internet2 Commons to bring in current VAs interested in learning about GVAN. We will need a presentation explaining what GVAN is, the GVAN model and the benefits of joining GVAN (what's in it for them. We should also have a bulleted list of what volunteer work needs to be done. We could also have a sign-up sheet for those interested in joining. We should have at least three speakers (Andrea, Denise and Nancy?).

Once we have held the seminar and added members we could look at holding a conference with key leaders in the US and India to discuss the implementation of GVAN. We could hold this conference through GDLN.


Great ideas. The GDLN will need a background paper positioning GVAN in the context of Engendering Technology.


June 3- 7 2009

GVAN is on the Event List

We need to plan for htis event [Andrea 2-Feb-2009]

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