Homecare through Advanced Technology and Innovation

Buddibot is the software navigation service that works in conjunction with Rovio. In India, Buddbot is the exclusive distributor for rovio as well.

Buddibot is an interesting innovation for homecare. Combining inexpensive service ($35 a year) and a wireless controlled-over-the-Internet robot—Rovio—which will be available from Radio Shack stores here in the United States and through a major distributor in India opens up an immense possibility both here in the United States and India to begin with. Orders are being taken here so it is available now.

Buddibot is working on several add-ons in remote health monitoring.

The customers are:

  • Persons living alone, specially elderly, who may need special attention with respect to emotional and physical well being
  • Family members & friends who live and work in various parts of the world and would love to be helpful
  • Anyone who wishes to reassure their loved ones that they care and are there for them

Let us figure out if Virtual Assistants can leverage this service and technology to provide a value-added monitoring and homecare service. There is a possibility taht we can work a strategic partnership with the promoters.


Buddibot and Rovio

I believe this is an option for VAs, however we would need to approach these companies with the idea that they will be responsible for the reliability and effectiveness of their software and product. I say this because after researching customer comments on Rovio, it would seem as though there are some reliability issues with this product. A VA does not have the ability to protect herself from faulty or unreliable equipment. This could be done in the form of a detailed contract which the client will be made aware of. This is quite a different service and could be quite possible.
The first steps would be to investigate Buddibot software, test it out and determine how a VA could use this to support her clients. We should also test Rovio. Once we are confident in the products we can write a proposal to the companies requesting a partnership.
I think we should start this endeavor in India since that is the primary distributor of Buddibot. We could test the service using a group of VAs from India. The only question is, if this is to be a service, would this be the only service performed by these VAs and would they require monitors and other equipment? If so, how would they get this equipment?

Another Thought

I just had another thought. What if the VA service was offered in the Rovio/Buddibot package? For example, someone buys Rovio, which works with Buddibot; this person would then find a card or brochure in the package offering a year's VA service for a discounted price. The customer could contact a main person, who would be responsible for setting up the arrangements through any one available VA in the network. This could work in combination with VAs offering virtual home monitoring and companion services which could be advertised through Buddibot and Rovio, as well as other mediums.

Ideally, GVAN should be broken up into niches. There could be seperate groups of VAs who specialize in one particular service, for example, home monitoring and companionship.

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