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iBharti Foundation is taking the initiative for further development of GVAN (Global Virtual Assistant Network) working with many people involved with the project from before and new people who are gathering around the idea. The background paper, originally developed in 2004 at AcrossWorld Communications, under the leadership of Nancy Hafkin, is a good starting point. Some of the people who were associated with the background document are: Linda Alepin, Anat Bernstein-Reich, Kanika Bhattacharya, Maria Chan, Nancy Hafkin, Byron Henderson, Kiran Karnik, Shivani Khanna, Nancy Levitt, Dorothy Okello, Seema Paul, Margarita Quihuis, Kavita Ramdas, Chetan Sharma, Anil Srivasatava, Amy Song and Telle Whitney.

GVAN began as an idea many years back in 1989-91, when Anil Srivastava was thinking of how to provide gainful employment to women working at the edge of the network. The first concept note emerged out of several discussions between World Bank's Robert Schware, NASSCOM Chairman Prem Shivdasani, Secretary Rajamani of the Indian Department of Electronics and Anil Srivastava on societal applications of information and communication technology at the time that India was positioning itself for a global thrust in the field. Anil was then the founding chief executive of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) in India. The ideas has over the years been further enhanced and greatly benefitted from wider consultation with some of the thought leaders across the world.

We would like as wide a participation in shaping and implementing this project. We hope you will join this collaborative effort.

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