Inclusive Capitalism

Inclusive Capitalism

Inclusive capitalism is a model for development which focuses on stimulating both entrepreneurship (for example through microfinancing), and extensive usage of IT, as alternatives to foreign aid.

It is based on two premises:

1. private enterprise creates wealth and job opportunities and is a quicker route to a poor country’s economic development than aid

2. IT spreads throughout society at all levels, and is not concentrated in the hands of a few

This would be ideal for India, but would financing be possible when the US VA network is included.

Comments and Leads to Inclusive Capitalism:

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An Exampe of Inclusive Capitalism

Inclusive Capitalism will be the next tsunami and foundation for the future. It has already begun! blog by Gerard Rego (Digital Vision Fellowship virtual community and collaboration framework for people working on social entrepreneurship, information technologies and human development. It was originally created as a collaboration tool for the fellows at the Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship Program at Stanford University.

Also read Gerard Rego's earlier piece on Capitalism's next great opportunity ~ Inclusive, Micro & bottom-up.

Fabindia model of community ownership. Download Business Today article.

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