GVAN is in need of outside sources, such as the IVAA and I think I have a hook that will interest them in forging with us. IVAA is especially interested in assisting disabled and veterans/wives of the military. I think the disability angle could fit in nicely with helping low income women in the states and India. IVAA works with VAs across the world and I think they could be a valuable asset. I propose that we create a letter to send to the IVAA. The founder lives in CT, so perhaps I could meet her face to face. I don't know whether signing on as a member of IVAA would make a difference in this proposal. I would like to write up a draft of the letter.

Information on disability from IVAA site:
Adaptability For Military Spouses & Disabled
Because of its portability through use of electronics, the VA industry is ideal for all individuals who work offsite, including military spouses and people with disabilities. Said Durst, "Mike is an Army veteran with a service-connected disability. His intimate knowledge of what it is like to live the military lifestyle helped us understand the need for portable career solutions for military spouses."

Haaren said, "While from the beginning, Chris and I had striven to bring the VA path to the attention of people with disabilities and reduce the barriers to those who chose (to work as VAs), I don't think either of us imagined how quickly Virtual Assistance would be embraced. Moreover, with the growth of broadband, cell phone and laptop videography, and the continuing attention of the national media I think the VA movement among people with disabilities is poised to expand even more dramatically in the next two-to-three years."

The IVAA has requests for proposals:

Could we use this as an avenue to submit a proposal for partnership or for funding?

Andrea O.
After speaking with Barb Lang, I discovered that Barb is on the board of the IVAA, so perhaps Barb and I can work together on a proposal.

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