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Connectivity - The issue is global IP connectivity. Satellite is a means to implement it in rural sites. However, satellite connects a POP (point of presence), from there you have to close the link (last mile) to the users such as residences, school classes, municipal clubs etc. Are you looking only for global connection to POP s? Who will take care of the rest? For example – you connect a village to the Internet backbone via satellite, then have to connect residences, probably via wireless means (WiMax, Wi Fi or even microwave links). CAPEX and OPEX are costly and require drafting of a workable business model.

Global coverage by satellites - Indeed, you can cover the globe by satellites, connecting it to the Internet backbone. For that purpose, you have to use existing global teleports – that’s easy, there are enough candidates. However, they have to allocate space capacity. In order to specify the capacity, the design must be detailed, not ambiguous.

Implementation – it’s not recommended to implement it globally from day one. Better to cover one region – for example the African continent (or parts of it) and get field experience, then to expand (my humble opinion). Anyway, in order to implement, we probably have to work towards an international tender. Who will fund it? WB? CGI? Pls clarify.

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