Steps and Goals of GVAN Project

Project Development Template

Concept: Start with the idea of GVAN and bring it to the point that it ready to implement

Short Term Goals and Steps

• Research
• Fleshing Out the Idea
• Bring together a team
• Further Elaboration of the idea
• Secure initial funding
• Build an organization to implement the idea

What research is needed?

- Unemployment statistics in the US
- Virtual employment (VA statistics)
- Technology Issues and Possibilities
- Virtual employment opportunities
- Virtual employment in India, Africa ….

What elements need to be more fleshed out?

Who are the team members?

As of 27/Jan/09 the potential team members are:
- Barbara Lang
- Shimon Teller
- Denise Leonard
- Anuja Pathak
- Pharice Brown
- Michelle Kelley

Introduction of GVAN for Potential Team Members
What main points need to be further elaborated?

What are the funding options?

Funding Sources Wiki

Funding Strategies

What funding has been secured?

What type of organization needs to be created?

What is the organization?

How is the organization built?

What are the details of the organization?

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