VA Niches

There a literally hundreds of niches for virtual assistant employment. Due to the tremendous financial savings a virtual assistant can offer, it is no wonder that virtual assisting has become such a highly sought after profession. The key to standing out from the ever-growing crowd of virtual assistants is to find an under-served niche, or to create one of your own.

According to a 2008 Virtual Assistant survey conducted by the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce; approximately 90% of Virtual Assistants provide administrative services. An administrative manager is defined by the US Department of Labor as:

"Administrative services managers coordinate and direct the many support services that allow organizations to operate efficiently. They perform a broad range of duties. They might, for example, oversee secretarial and reception services, administration, payroll, conference planning and travel, information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, parking, energy consumption, and personal property procurement, supply, recycling, and disposal. They manage support services for organizations as diverse as insurance companies, computer manufacturers, and government offices".1

Due to the large range of possibilities in administrative duties, it is possible to create various niches that are administrative in nature; or a VA can carve out a completely new niche. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Working within the administrative practice, one can learn from VAs already practicing and running a successful practice. It will be difficult however, to make your practice stand out from the rest. It is possible to narrow your administrative services to a particular client; such as small businesses or not-for-profits.
If you were to carve your own niche, you have the advantage of standing out in the crowd, but because it is a new niche, you will have to really market yourself and actively search for clients.

On this page, I will begin a list of various niches for VA employment.



  1. Project Manager VA
  2. Marketing VA
  3. Real Estate VA
  4. Transcriptionist VA
  5. Legal Assistant VA
  6. Medical Coding VA
  7. Administrative/Office Manager VA
  8. Wed Design VA
  9. Professional Writing VA
  10. Public Relations VA
  11. Data Entry VA
  12. Database Creation/Maintenance VA
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