Why Virtual Assisting?

9th October 2008 - Andrea Okrentowich

Today's advanced technology allows people to work from anywhere and connect with others around the globe. Virtual Assisting is quickly becoming the way of the future. With gas prices rising, benefits decreasing and jobs dwindling, it is crucial that an alternative - a virtual workforce - be established. Companies around the globe are downsizing and seeking ways in which to save money throught outsourcing, Virtual Assissting is the solution. By using a virtual assistant, companies are able to save a tremendous amount of money.

The hiring company does not need to pay for benefits, full or part time employment - meaning the virtual assistant is only paid for the time worked - no downtime is paid for. There are no sick days to be paid for, no paid holidays - only time worked. It is the most cost effective option for today's economy.

The benefits for the employer are numerous, but what about the virtual assistant? Why should anyone get into the business? As mentioned above, prices are increasing and jobs are dwindling; in many cases, people can barely afford to get to work. In order to save money and still provide for your family, many individuals are choosing to work from home. Individuals have a choice to open their own virtual assisting business or subcontract with other VAs or VA companies. The choice depends on how involved you want to be. Do you want to take care of the accounting, marketing etc. that is involved with owning your own company? Or would you rather simply take projects and get a paycheck? There are perks to both options.

While Virtual Assisting is an attractive option to both men and women; women worldwide are especially empowered by the freedom and financial security achieveable through virtual assisting. In both developing and developed countries, women are becoming self-sufficient.

The question arises however, how can women build a stronger VA industry? Virtual assisting is a relatively new field, and many companies are still adjusting to the virtual workforce option. Remember the two options of virtual assisting? If you own your VA company, you will need to network and market extensively. If you are a subcontractor, or freelance agent that works for a VA company, you will need to ensure that you will have enough projects and be paid regularly and competitively. The future of VAs is strong, but it won't meet it's full potential until women can build a networking system that will connect both entreprenuers and subcontractors. This is my hope for GVAN.While there are several steps in the creation of such a network, the first step is to build a base which will provide the training and resources to virtual assistants.

It is my suggestion that a board be created, that would serve as a base or first step to branching out and networking. This board would be "level one" and would be responsible for building a resource "bank", recruiting other VAs (entreprenuers) that would serve as "level two", which would, in time, be the providers of subcontract work to the "level three" VAs (subcontractors). I am currently working on a presentation that will further explain this process. For now, I would like to hear some comments and ideas on the three level network system.


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