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Dean Sharon M. Oster

Dear Dean Oster,

I was pleased to hear about your Program on Social Enterprise (PSE) which "…supports scholars, students and alumni interested in the connections between society and business".

I am writing to you about one such initiative, Global Virtual Assistants' Network (GVAN). I have lived with the idea for more than 30 years; now I have been able to put together a small group to take this forward.

The idea behind GVAN is to create thousands of micro-businesses or business clusters of women doing economic work across the Internet. This is not just about women in developing countries performing business process outsourcing services (as in case of Sources of Change, see attachment), but involving North American virtual assistants as partners and mentors. In this time of mass layoffs and a high unemployment rate, virtual assisting can be an attractive alternative.

I would like to set up a time to talk with you and explore if Yale School of Management’s Program on Social Entrepreneurship would be interested in collaborating with the GVAN group. This could be mutually advantageous.

We are also planning a videoconference with two groups in India who have been working on IT enabled services as means of income generation for women in rural India. One of them is Sources of Change and the other is Satyam Foundation; working in rural Andhra Pradesh.

In reference to the major India initiative at Yale (http://opa.yale.edu/news/article.aspx?id=6223), do you think it will be possible for your school to undertake a case study of these two projects? We have people who can make all the connection and provide guidance. This will be a very important contribution to GVAN.

It so happens that the person who is playing a key coordinating role in GVAN is a virtual assistant and lives in your neck of the woods. I can connect Andrea Okrentowich once I know that you are interested in taking this dialog further.

I am also attaching a short bio, by way of introduction, and a four year old draft background paper which is being substantially revised.

We also have created a wiki (gvan.wikidot.com) for collaboration between the leadership group. We would very much like to see you join along with your colleagues who may be interested.

Sincerely, Anil

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